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Slider Core-Magnetic-Tuning Fork

Slider Core-Magnetic-Tuning Fork

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Slider Core-Magnetic-Tuning Fork

Slider Core-Magnetic uses magnet sections, which are very elastic when pushed, just like dancing in your hands, making people want to stop.You can freely split and combine the Shells and Cores of ZERO ONE Slider to experience the joy of DIY.

Compared with the ordinary Slider Core-Magnetic, the Slider Core-Magnetic-Tuning Fork adds a tuning fork track. When pushed, the sound is louder and crisper, giving you stronger positive feedback.

TIP:All Slider Cores need to be matched with the Slider Shell before they can be assembled and played normally.

Tip: It is best not to use the magnet tuning fork Core with a non-metal Shell, as it may cause the Shell to crack.

Slider Core can be used with all Slider Shells except Slider Shell-NO.10.

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