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Slider Core-POM

Slider Core-POM

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Slider Core-POM

Compared to the metal Slider Core, Slider Core-POM is lighter, more nimble, and comes in brighter colors, making it perfect for friends who like to carry their Slider with them and play with it anytime.

Slider Core-POM can be used with all Slider Shells produced by ZERO ONE (except NO.10). You can freely split and combine the Shells and Cores of ZERO ONE Slider to experience the joy of DIY.Slider Core-Mechanical has a paragraph version and a dense version. The paragraph version pushes crisply and the dense version pushes smoothly and densely. You can choose freely according to your preference.

TIP:All Slider Cores need to be matched with the Slider Shell before they can be assembled and played normally.

Slider Core can be used with all Slider Shells except Slider Shell-NO.10.

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