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Slider Shell-Brave Troops

Slider Shell-Brave Troops

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Slider Shell-Brave Troops

Slider Shell-Brave Troops is designed by OneBean, the top engraving design master in China's EDC circle, and the theme is Time.
Brave Troops is the descendants of the Chinese dragon and an auspicious beast that attracts wealth. It is said that its staple food is gold and silver, which can help people turn misfortune into peace.
In addition to the excellent meaning of this shell, the detailed carvings are also very exquisite. The patterns are arranged in order and the carving details are exquisite. It is a rare masterpiece.

TIP:All Slider Shells need to be matched with the Slider Core before they can be assembled and played normally.

TIP2:Purchasing Slider Shell-Brave Troops will give you a Stainless Steel Core.

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