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Slider Shell-Anniversary 2(Pre-sale)

Slider Shell-Anniversary 2(Pre-sale)

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Slider Shell-Anniversary 2

Slider Shell-Anniversary 2 is a commemorative Shell launched for the second anniversary of ZERO ONE. It is still made of stainless steel, white copper and red copper. This time, Slider Shell-Anniversary 2 tells a story of space exploration. I hope that one day in the future, ZERO ONE EDC can also fly into the universe with friends and travel in space. The sea of ​​stars will always be our expectation and romance.
As a commemorative Shell, Slider Shell-Anniversary 2 is very rare and is only for friends who love ZERO ONE to collect.

TIP:All Slider Shells need to be matched with the Slider Core before they can be assembled and played normally.

TIP2:Slider Shell-Anniversary 2 is available on a pre-order basis and is still in production. It will take 60-80 working days to ship.

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