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Time Knight

Time Knight

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Time Knight

Time Knight is the comeback product of the ZERO ONE Time series, a multifunctional toy that combines various features, offering a diverse range of gameplay.

Ejection Gameplay: Time Knight integrates a ejection middle plate structure, providing feedback of both middle plate ejection and mechanical pressing when rotated. The ejection structure also features a safety lock that can be freely opened or closed.

Mechanical Finger Ring: The rear part of Time Knight, where the finger is inserted, adopts a bidirectional porous mechanical finger ring structure, which can be played with as an adjustable ratchet.

Pressing: The 01 button on Time Knight is not just for decoration; it also serves as a pressing button, offering an additional stress-relief gameplay.

Rotation: Lastly, inspired by the revolver, Time Knight features a revolver-style rotating gameplay at the finger ring. With the latest channel design and premium bearings, Time Knight's finger ring can rotate endlessly at your fingertips, fulfilling your handsome cowboy dreams in the Wild West.

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