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Time Capsule-2

Time Capsule-2

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Time Capsule

Time Capsule is a combination of mechanics and Sci-Fi. Color matching to bring distinct gradations.
Time Capsule has two versions and has multiple materials for you to choose from.
Capsule No. 1 adopts a double bearing structure, which makes it feel smoother when rotating. The outer body is hollowed out in many places, and the 01EDC logo is engraved on the inside. The rotation and emergency stop are as fun as playing a slot machine!
Capsule No. 2 uses a single bearing. The outer body is very hollow and difficult to process. The threads on the inner body have an industrial-style texture! The overlap of light and shadow when rotating is very beautiful!
Both pendants can be worn with ropes. Different designs can be matched with your different styles of EDC toys. They can also be hung on bags as zipper pendants, keychains or necklace pendants. They have rich application scenarios.

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