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Time Knight 2(Pre-sale)

Time Knight 2(Pre-sale)

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Time Knight 2

Time Knight is the comeback product of the ZERO ONE Time series, a multifunctional toy that combines various features, offering a diverse range of gameplay.
Ejection Gameplay: Time Knight integrates a ejection middle plate structure, providing feedback of both middle plate ejection and mechanical pressing when rotated. The ejection structure also features a safety lock that can be freely opened or closed.
Mechanical Finger Ring: The rear part of Time Knight, where the finger is inserted, adopts a bidirectional porous mechanical finger ring structure, which can be played with as an adjustable ratchet.
Pressing: The 01 button on Time Knight is not just for decoration; it also serves as a pressing button, offering an additional stress-relief gameplay.
Rotation: Lastly, inspired by the revolver, Time Knight features a revolver-style rotating gameplay at the finger ring.
Time Knight 2 is based on Time Knight. Based on everyone's feedback, the structure has been adjusted and optimized, and the appearance has also changed from a pistol to a submachine gun, which does not reduce the fun of playing while being more ergonomic.

TIP:Time Knight 2 is available on a pre-order basis and is still in production. It will take 80 working days to ship.

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