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ZERO ONE Slider-Hamburger

ZERO ONE Slider-Hamburger

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ZERO ONE Slider-Hamburger

ZERO ONE Slider-Hamburger is a brand new mechanical slider designed by ZERO ONE, featuring a minimalist design but delivering an excellent gaming experience.

The outer shell features a rainbow-like ripple design with embedded patches of contrasting colors, which not only enhances its aesthetics but also adds friction for improved grip.

The internal mechanical structure has undergone a new design, providing high-frequency vibration feedback during operation accompanied by crisp sounds, achieving a perfect fusion of tactile and auditory sensations. Moreover, it incorporates a built-in limit structure, ensuring structural integrity.

With a three-layer sandwich design, it offers double the number of segments both forwards and backwards, providing fingertip massages during both pushing and pulling actions.

Available in three materials and seven different combinations, there's bound to be one that captivates your heart.

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